iBraincercise believes everyone should enjoy the latest technological advances without encountering the fear or hesitation often associated with innovation.

We serve daycare centers, schools, older adult communities, persons with disabilities, airlines and other enterprise by specially tailoring and bundling engaging iPad based products.


iBraincercise enables daycare centers and schools to leverage exciting educational apps,

which are personalized to meet the needs of each classroom.


Integrating with iBraincercise gives older adults and persons with disabilities access to iPad

based programs, which are proven to increase the quality-of-life through brain stimulation.


Offer guests and passengers an innovative amenity. Our all in one service includes application

rich iPad packages, which enable you to tap new revenue streams.


"I am so amazed at all the things the iPad can do!

Thanks iBraincercise!"

L.B. - Evanston, IL

"I love brain fitness related activities, and iBraincercise has added many items to my daily favorite brain challenges. I can not wait to find out which new apps they will include next month!"

J.W. - Chicago, IL

"Learning how to use Google is just wonderful"

P.D. - Evanston, IL

"With iPads, our kids with speech impairments are no longer stigmatized."

H.T. - Arlington Heights, IL

The benefits of using iBraincercise:

Scientific evidence makes it clear: Not only is it possible, but recommended that we increase the quality of mental and physical health by participating in new activities. iBraincercise provides activities that stimulate, entertain and educate people of all ages. Whether 3 years old or 103 years old, our consulting, research and monthly updates help you keep your clientele active and sharp.

Call us today at 847-644-1690 to start an iBraincercise profile that better suits your needs.

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